Pantech Vega Racer

Reset Android in Pantech Vega Racer is very easy to accomplish: You just need to follow few steps and voilá: You will have a phone like new, factory defaulted. It will even forget about any pattern lock password that might be configured in it.

Pantech Vega Racer

Like most Android devices, the Pantech Vega Racer has two methods to return it into its original state: The first reset Android method will be applied from the application menu, while the second will serve users who do not have working access into the Pantech Vega Racer.

It is also a good idea to clean up all your personal data (messages, contacts, phonecalls history, etc.) from your Pantech Vega Racer if you are planning to sell it (or even give it away). This is certainly accomplished by resetting Android into default factory settings.

Also it may be a good idea to reset Android if your Pantech Vega Racer is acting slow, weird and / or throwing errors at you.

First method to reset Android in Pantech Vega Racer

We will reset Android on your Pantech Vega Racer through it’s menu settings; just follow these steps:

Login to Settings> Privacy> Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything


For this alternative method to reset Android in Pantech Vega Racer you need to push a combination of buttons in order to access a secret menu inside the phone:

  1. Turn off your phone and wait 10 seconds to continue
  2. Tap (and keep pressed) the VOLUME DOWN button and then press (and keep pressed) the POWER button for a few seconds until the phone turns on.
  3. If you do it right you will see an alternative menu.
  4. Move with the volume buttons into “CLEAR STORAGE”, then press the POWER button
  5.  On the next screen confirms the ” Yes or NO” using the POWER button to confirm
  6. When the process is complete press the off button again and the phone will reboot normally, you ‘re done

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Pantech Flex

This tutorial will teach you how to reset Android on the Pantech Flex.

Pantech Flex

If you own a Pantech Flex phone which is slow, throwing errors at you, or maybe you have been blocked out by the lock pattern, then you may reset Android on it to solve these and other problems.

We will expose two methods to reset Android in the Pantech Flex: Both will achieve a factory reset on your Pantech Flex.

If your Pantech Flex is still functional enough and you are able to get into it’s settings menu, then you can use the first reset method.

However, if the Android OS inside your Pantech Flex is not responding or you have a lock pattern that you’ve forgotten then the second reset method is for you.

First method to reset ANDROID IN the Pantech Flex

One of the advantages of resetting Android through this method is that you may make a backup of your files before proceeding with it. Consider it, if you do not want to loose your information, stored inside the Pantech Flex.

Now you just have to get into the settings menu and navigate through Settings> Backup and Restore > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything after a few minutes your phone will restart as new and only need to enter the initial factory settings to continue .


The following reset Android method is little more complicated because you will enter the recovery mode on  the Pantech Flex, but do not worry, just follow these steps :

  1. Turn your phone off completely
  2. Press and hold the VOLUME UP button.
  3. Now press for some seconds and then stop pressing the POWER button.
  4. Keep pressing the VOLUME UP button until you see a slight BLINK on the Pantech logo
  5. if you do OK you will see a repairing Android image.
  6. Now press VOLUME DOWN button and POWER button in order to get into recovery mode menu.
  7. Move with the volume keys to “Wipe data / Factory Reset” and confirm with the POWER button
  8. Do the same with the ” Yes – Delete all user data” option, after confirming waits for the process to finish
  9. Now only do you need to press the key off to reset the phone to factory settings again activated

Pantech Burst P9070

In this tutorial we will learn how to reset Android on the Pantech Burst P9070. You can use two methods that will lead into the same result: get your phone into factory default condition.

Pantech Burst P9070

This will perhaps aid in getting your phone running at good speed again.

Or maybe you are planning on selling or giving away your Pantech Burst P9070 …

You may even have it blocked with a pattern lock password and don’t remember the code.

One way or the other, your phone will get its contacts, messages, installed apps, even the pattern password erased. Your Pantech Burst P9070 will be as if just got unboxed.

As is well known , the reset Android procedure will  delete all unnecessary data , including all your personal settings and installed apps. Maybe, if you are just trying to solve a speed or clogginess problem, you will need to perform a backup first.  If you do not know how to backup your phone,  you can use the G Cloud app to create a recovery image over the cloud.

How to reset Android on your Pantech Burst P9070

In the first section of this tutorial we will teach you how to reset Android starting with your Pantech Burst P9070 powered off, by using the phone buttons. This may be helpful in the event that the Android operating system is damaged or you forgot the pattern lock:

  1. Make sure that your phone has at least 50 % battery before you start, then turn it off. If you can’t be sure abut the battery status, just let it charge for a couple of hours first.
  2. While holding down the VOLUME DOWN button also press the POWER button for a few seconds.
  3. When you see the Pantech logo on the phone’s screen, release the POWER button (but keep pressing the VOLUME DOWN button!)
  4. When the Android Robot appears you can release the VOLUME DOWN button.
  5. T bring into view the Pantech Burst P9070 internal recovery menu press the MENU button, located below over the touchscreen, in first position from right to left.
  6. You can move through the recovery menu options by using VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons.
  7. Search for ” Wipe data / Factory Reset” , and confirm your selection by pressing the HOME button.
  8. Select and confirm the next option:  ” Yes – Delete all user data”
  9. When the process is complete press the power button to restart the phone.

Second method to reset Android on the Pantech Burst P9070

You can use this second method if you can access and use Android OS in your Pantech Burst P9070. From the main screen, invoke the SETTINGS menu.  Get into Settings > Privacy > Backup and Restore > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything , wait until the process is done and the phone will restart itself.

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Pantech Discover

Hard Reset the Pantech Discover, tutorial

The Pantech Discover is a very complete phone with its 4.8 inch medium resolution and 16GB of internal memory. This may be a device to take into account when choosing to buy one.Pantech discover

That’s why we will learn to Hard Reset the Pantech Discover. This may prove useful in the event that we forgot our lock pattern password.

By resetting Android, your Pantech Discover will “forget” all your configuration and customization parameters, including the blocking password.

It may also happen that your Pantech Discover is not running properly. Maybe it is too clogged with installed games and apps. Again, performing a hard reset on your Pantech Discover may very well be the solution to regain snappiness on your phone.

For this process there are two methods, the first of which involves terminal access. For the second method we will only use a combination of buttons to carry out the Hard Reset to the original factory settings.

Hard Reset the Pantech Discover from menu

To go through with this process, we only need to go to the device menu, select Settings> Backup and Restore> Factory data reset> enter your PIN (if you have security enabled)> Clear All

With this, all data on your device will be erased and the phone will ask for the language setting and time as the first time.

Pantech Discover Hard Reset using the buttons

To make the Pantech Discover Hard Reset without access to start, we just need to follow the steps required for this process:

With the phone turned off,  press the turn down the volumen button at the same time as the power off button.

When we see a little Android on the screen of the device, release the buttons and again briefly press the two together. This will open a menu that was until now hidden.

Here we will see the option to factory reset your phone.  Select the option buttons volume to confirm with the off button. With this the device is restarted to factory settings.
These are the two methos with which we can hard reset the Pantech Discover  to the factory default settings.

If you have any questions about how to hard reset your Pantech Discover, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in our Comments Section.

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Master Reset Android on Pantech Crossover

Howto Reset Android on your Pantech Crossover

The Pantech Crossover Android phone was the first Pantech Android Phone released in partnership with AT&T, and as a first one, the guys at Pantech excelled on the design art and quality. This is why the Pantech Crossover is still around, even on sale at an incredibly nice price on prepaid option from AT&T at

So it is safe to asume that there are tons of Pantech Crossover Android phones around, and surely the question about hard reset this phone arises at one point of it’s life. As usual, with any Android devices, there are two ways to hard reset your Pantech Crossover: The first one is easy enough, from inside Android itself, where you can invoke the factory default reset routine. The second one is a bit more drastic, involving powering off and on the phone while fiddling with it’s different buttons.

Pantech Crossover Android Phone - Hard Reset

Needless to say, in any way such hard reset act shall be invoked as a last resort either to fix any slugginess or misbehaving that your hanset may be suffering, or as a security measure, if you are planning to sell or give away your phone.

Hard reset Your Pantech Crossover from within Android OS

You can execute the Factory Default routine from inside your Android OS, effectively returning your Pantech Crossover into a factory default settings state and thus erasing all your personal information from inside your handset:

  1. While on your Android’s phone main screen, press the Menu Key.
  2. Press over Settings option
  3. Scroll into Privacy option and press it
  4. Select Factory data reset in there
  5. Take notice of the displayed warning and press over Reset Phone.
  6. Press over Erase Everything, confirming your actions

A definite way of performing a hard reset on your Pantech Crossover

This way of performing a master reset on your Pantech Crossover phone is more serious, as can be executed regardless of the state in which the Android OS is:

  1. With your phone turned off, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN key
  2. While pressing down the VOLUME DOWN key, also press and hold the HOME key
  3. While pressing down both VOLUME DOWN and HOME keys, press and hold the POWER key.
  4. When the Pantech logo appears, you may release the POWER key.
  5. You may release the VOLUME DOWN and HOME keys when the exclamation symbol appears.
  6. Press the HOME key in order to invoke the ANDROID SYSTEM RECOVERY menu.
  7. Scroll down by pressing the VOLUME DOWN key into the WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET option.
  8. Open your Pantech Crossover keyboard and press the ENTER key.
  9. Wait while your phone is WIPED OUT.
  10. When Finished, scroll down with VOLUME DOWN and select WIPE CACHE PARTITION
  11. Press the ENTER key on your keyboard to clear the cache partition.
  12. When finished, press the ENTER key so your Pantech Crossover can reboot

With these two methods you can revert your Pantech Crossover Android phone into Factory default state.

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