AOC MW0711

How to make a hard reset or unlock Android on the AOC MW0711

This article will teach you how to reset Android of the AOC MW0711 in two ways , both have the same goal of factory defaulting your tablet, but apply in different situations.

AOC MW0711Before starting any reset Android process, you should know that resetting the AOC MW0711 will make all personal files to be deleted.

If you need to save your files and you still got working access into your AOC MW0711, you can create a backup of all your personal data into the cloud with “G cloud” aplication (available from Google Play Store).

First reset ANDROID mode in the AOC MW0711

If you still have working access into the menu of your MW0711, this method is for you: Just follow the steps given below:

  1. Enter Settings Menu
  2. Go to Settings > Backup and Restore
  3. Select Factory data reset
  4. Choose Reset phone
  5. Finally press Clear All
  6. Wait a few minutes and restart your AOC MW0711


This method will be functional for users without access to the Android operating system of AOC MW0711 , either because they forgot the lock code or because the Android operating system is damaged. Follow the steps given below:

Note : To begin this process you must be at least 50 % battery , otherwise you may damage your device if you turn off halfway through

  1. Turn off your tablet and wait 10 seconds to continue
  2. Press the power button to turn on the tablet and just then repeatedly press the VOLUME DOWN button
  3. If you did it right you’ll see the Android recovery menu (On the other hand, if the MW0711 tablet turns on normally, please repeat the previous step).
  4. With the volume keys scroll down to ” Wipe data / Factory Reset” and confirm with the POWER key , do the same on the next screen with ” Yes – Delete all user data”
  5. Wait for the Hard Reset routine to finish.
  6. Press the power button to restart the AOC MW0711 tablet.

1 thought on “AOC MW0711”

  1. hello. i hope you can help me on how to hard reset my sharp 200sh pantone 6 from softbank. i was locked out cold due to my nephews persistent guessing of its pattern lock. the problem is that it no longer accepts the original pattern and i cant even remember the gmail account i used in associating the device into google. heres what i have done so far:
    1. tried the usual vol up+power but device only boots into safe mode. (vol controls are touch operated not buttons)
    2. tried accessing the device to ADB but failed since the usb debugging mode of the phone is not on.
    3. went to repair shops but they advise me to take the phone back to japan where its bought and have them unlock the phone.
    4. tried locating the reset button inside the phone to no avail.
    5. removed sd card and sim then reboot but it no longer detects the sd card and sim.
    myquestions are:
    1. is it possible to hard reset the phone if the only physical button in the phone is the power key only? all other functions are touch and tap operated.
    2. is it possible to turn on usb debugging mode trough PC?
    plss help?????

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