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So, you need to hard reset a Chinese Tablet ?

Chinese TabletIf you got here, then it is safe to assume that you need to get a Chinese tablet into factory default settings. Maybe you want to give it away, sell it out, safely dispose it, or maybe you forgot your password or unblocking pattern. The main problem with a chinese tablet is that you most probably won’t find an official website for your “brand” … if you are lucky enough to find any brand or even model in your Chinese tablet. So you are probably on the wild with your Chinese tablet,  left with no help whatsoever.

Thankfully enough, the last phrase is not entirely true, as different Android user forums around the globe dedicates an interesting amount of discussion space for the Chinese tablet breed. Scrapping and investigating such valuable user-generated information, we came up with a series of hard reset / factory defaulting methods that you  may try in your Chinese tablet:

Hard Resetting your Chinese Tablet

You may invest some time trying the following hard reset methods on your Chinese tablet, as they seem to have been quite successful in most cases. Previously to start testing each one of the following buttons sequence, you need to get your Chinese tablet powered down. It won’t work if your Chinese tablet is merely on sleep mode: You need to shut it down completely. Try to press (and maintain pressed for some seconds) the following keys:

  1. HOME and POWER buttons
  3. UP VOLUME and POWER buttons
  4. DOWN VOLUME and POWER buttons

Hopefully one of these methods will manage to bring up into the screen the recovery menu, where you will be able to choose the WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET option (probably by moving over the menu with the VOLUME UP / DOWN buttons). If you are lucky and can get into such menu, just execute the WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET option on your Chinese Tablet!

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    1. Hi Syed Ahmed! Yes, with “vanilla” tablets and phones, like the oem branding from china, the recovery option inside Android might be missing altogether. The only way of resetting those Android devices might be by flashing a new firmware right on top of your old – blocked, or broken- one. But you will need a fresh firmware image suitable for your specific hardware. This MIGHT be available at the OEM manufacturer website, but good luck even finding that bit of information. I am sorry that my response is not good 🙁

    1. For those like me, who have a Versus tablet and can’t work out how to Factory reset:
      Shut down.
      Keep your finger on volume down and power until the Chinese menu appears. No.2 is tools. Press here. You then want to press second line, first option made up of with 4 digits. This is ‘clear data’. The tablet will switch off. When switching back on it should have reset

      1. Sally..i tried your method, it doesn’t reset the tablet, just goes back to the Main menu after a few seconds. Doesn’t turn off and when I turn it on the data isn’t wiped

  1. How do I reset the HKC P771A? It will not stay on? It won’t do anything past the “touch the wonderful world” screen, and that won’t even stay up. I have held the volume keys and power, as that is all it has, with still no luck.

    1. Stephanie, your tablet seems to have hardware problems, not something that can be fixed only by a reset. You might need to return it into warranty, if it still is in warranty period.

  2. I recently bought a Samsung tab S 10.1 from a UK source that imports goods in from China but almost as soon as I got the tablet set up it went wrong, am struggling to do a hard reset on this machine and all it will do is stay on the Samsung screen, I am going out of my head trying to sort this tablet out but so far with no joy at all, please can anyone help, it was purchased from a company called eglobal

    1. Terry, please try this (it works on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7)

      Press the VOLUME UP and HOME button (central button) together.

      While pressing, also press the POWER button

      Once the tablet model appears on screen depress those buttons and wait

      If you see an fallen Android, continue. If not, retry.

      Press the POWER button (briefly) in order to activate the recovery menu.

      Use the Volume UP / DOWN buttons to navigate into WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET and press the POWER button to confirm … things should be self – explanatory at this point.

  3. i recently bought a 4sight tablet and when i went to factory reset it the boxes came up in chinese can anyone tell me the number to wipe it?

  4. h I have china tablet . when i switched it on it goes to its initial Android logo . and no further process. plz help

  5. I have Atouch A14 it stops at the Android word and vibrates but does not start!! How to reset it!! I tried all the above methods but it does not seem to work!! Please help!!

    1. Akram, it seems you are having hardware problems. Maybe the phone is defective. I am sorry but probably you will need to take it into the official service for the brand ?

  6. Hi, I have a Pad2 tablet, when booting it only goes as far as the first screen which has OS, Kernel & Build numbers. Havent had any success with the Power/Volume buttons as yet.
    Is there something else I should try? Thank you

  7. i bought a chines tablet named (Tam telecom F555) i want to do hard reset plz can you help me

  8. I bought a AOYODKG tablet and it forced a passcode – which I have now forgotten. I can’t do a factory reset. This seems to be a POS@#$. There seems to be no way to factory reset. Can yo help?

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