Tutorial on how to Hard Reset Android on the COBY KYROS Tablet

If you purchased a COBY KYROS Tablet and it is behaving sluggishly or you forgot the lock pattern, you may have to reset Android to solve your situation.


You are lucky enough tthat  COBY, the company behind the Coby Kyros tablet is concerned about the welfare of their equipment:

Coby released an official method to reset Android in cases where the Android operating system is working wrongly or even blocked out by a forgotten pattern password.

Unfortunately at the time of this writing we cannot give you the actual web link to the official reset Android method because Coby USA official website seems to be offline, but you can try it at any time:

This will also add the traditional option of restoring into factory defaults through the settings menu, in caso you still got a working Coby Kyros tablet.

Before starting the Android reset process you should be aware that all your personal files and settings will be lost. Therefore, if you still have access to the Android Operative system, you can do a backup with any backup tool, which you will find on your favorite internet market store tool.

First way to reset ANDROID on COBY KYROS Tablet 

This is the official method used to reset Android on the COBY KYROS when you do not have access to the system. You will invoke a hidden Android recovery menu and from there you will be able to return the device to its original factory default state:

  1. Turn off the tablet as follows: Press (and keep pressed) the power button until the DEVICE OPTION menu appears. Select POWER OFF and click on OK.
  2. When your Coby Kyros tablet is fully OFF, press the BACK and POWER buttons at the same time for eight seconds aprox.
  3. If you did it right you will see a android with a yellow triangle. Press the BACK button once.
  4. The hidden Android Recovery menu will appear onscreen. With the HOME and MENU buttons you will be able to move up and down among the available options.
  5. Navigate into ” Wipe data / Factory Reset ” and select it with the BACK button
  6. Do the same with the next option ” Yes – Delete all user data”
  7. Wait for the process to finish and select REBOOT SYSTEM NOW to restart the tablet


This method to reset Android on your Coby Kyros is applied from the settings menu: Settings> Backup and Restore > Factory Data Reset > Clear data , wait a few minutes the process automatically restarts your device.

If you need aditional information on the COBY KYROS Tablet reset procedures, please contact us through the comments section below.

19 thoughts on “COBY KYROS”

  1. my coby kyros 9740only shows the coby logo for a long time then the android logo for even longer, then shuts off. i’ve tried holding the back and vol up buttons then the power… nada. i’ve also tried holding the power and back buttons… nothing.

  2. he intentado de todas formas reiniciar mi Tablet kyros coby mid 1070 y no funciona nada.
    quisiera dejarla como recién sacada de fabrica pero no se como,
    espero puedan ayudarme, un saludo espero respuesta.

  3. I upgraded my coby Kyros mid 7022 to 4.0.3. I can no longer get to the recovery menu. If I hold the power and back button ‘COBY’ shows and then the triangle and android show. When I press the menu button nothing happens. When I press the home button I get Android System Recovery and 4 options. The reboot system now is hi-lited. I can not move to the ‘apply update from ADB’, ‘wipe data/factory reset’ or ‘wipe cache partition’. If I go to the Settings, System, and Factory Reset, it clears everything and reboots. I would like to change to a different version.

  4. computor was at 100% charged up. cut it off and the next morning it wouldnt come on. tried to hit the power button, with the charger just in case it was dead, nothing happened. never dropped it, water hasn’t never been in it and it hasn’t came on yet.D Murphy (470-878-0316).

  5. I’m trying to reset my Kryos MID7120 with this method but it is not working. All it does it light up the buttons around silver button and that’s all! What am I doing wrong??

      1. Ditto. Coby/Kyros 7120. Power+Back doesn’t work. Nor do
        power+silver button
        Now I’m trying all possible combinations of power+2 buttons to see if I can stumble on some magic combination that will allow wiping the SD card and resetting to factory configuration.

        By the way, the problem is just that I installed one app that totally messes it up, and it crashes and reboots constantly. It usually does not stay on for more than 10 seconds before crashing.
        It doesn’t even stay on long enough to get into settings/apps to uninstall whatever is causing the problem.

  6. I got a Coby Kyros 9.7″ MID9740-8 tablet about 3 yrs ago. I haven’t used it for awhile, so naturally, I forgot the password for it. The tablet works just fine, just can’t online.
    What can I do?
    How can I change the password for it so I can connect to the wifi?
    Hope you can help.
    I really don’t want to go out and buy another tablet when this is all that’s wrong.

  7. My Coby kyros 7035 tablet is stuck with Coby on the screen after I did a factory data rest what do I do to make it work again

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