Lenovo P70

In this tutorial you will learn how to reset Android on a Lenovo P70 in a quick and easy way.

Lenovo P70We will explain two ways to bring your mobile to it’s out of the box state.

If you want to reset Android on your Lenovo P70 because you will sell it, or give it away for someone else to use, the first method will be the one for you to use. It will eliminate any bugs or lagging, as well as removing all your personal data and settings.

If the Android OS in your Lenovo P70 fails and does not let you have access to the applications menu, or if you have forgotten the lock pattern you have previously set, you can reset Android using the second method.

Before going through with any of the two methods make sure the battery of your Lenovo P70 is charged to at least 80%, to avoid any unwanted shut downs.

First method to reset Android on Lenovo P70

If the reason you want to reset Android is to remove lagging and bugs from your devices Android OS, go to the applications menu of your Lenovo P70 and follow these easy steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select the Backup & Reset option
  • From the menu select Factory data reset
  • Choose Reset Phone and read and confirm the warnings on the screen.
  • Select Erase Everything

Second method to reset Android on Lenovo P70

If you have forgotten your active lock pattern of your Lenovo P70 and need to reset Android, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your device is Lenovo P70
  • Press the Volume Up and Power button at the same time and keep them pressed.
  • When the company logo shows up on the screen let go of the Power button, but keep pressing the Volume Up button.
  • When the recovery menu shows up on the screen, let go of the Volume Up button.
  • Use the Volume buttons to move through the options in the menu, to select Wipe data / Factory reset and use the Power button to select the option.
  • Select Yes – Delete all user data. The process will start and take a few minutes.
  • When the process ends the Recovery menu will show on the screen again. Select and confirm the Reboot system now option and the Lenovo P70 will restart.

When you see the welcome screen you’ll be done! It’s that easy to restart Android on your Lenovo P70.

Lenovo S660

In the following tutorial we will show you two easy ways to reset Android in the Lenovo S660.

Few minutes will be enough to have a phone like new, even if you lost your pattern password.

Lenovo S660

If you still have access to the Android menu in the Lenovo S660, you can run both the first and the second method, you decide.

However, if your Android operating system has a lockout that prevents you from accessing your Lenovo S660, the second method is the only way to reset your Android phone.

Before you begin, please charge the battery of your Lenovo S660 up to 80%, so to avoid an interruption during the process that could damage your operating system.

First method to reset Android on your Lenovo S660

We will reset Android on your Lenovo S660 Android by using the provided tools inside the Settings menu. This is very fast and you will only need to access your device’s main screen to follow this steps:

  • Go to the menu Settings then looking Applications
  • Enter the Backup and Restore menu and go to factory data reset
  • Now press “Reset phone” and follow the steps you suggest

It’s all in a few minutes must complete the reset process in your Lenovo S660


You will reset Android through a hidden menu inside your Lenovo S660. Follow the instructions give below where you will activate a recovery menu by performing a combination of buttons on your mobile phone.

  1. Turn off your Lenovo S660 completely
  2. Press the VOLUME UP and POWER buttons
  3. If done correctly you will enter a menu (recovery): Release both buttons.
  4. With the VOLUME DOWN button navigate into “Wipe data / Factory reset
  5. Confirm your choice with the POWER button
  6. Select and confirm “Yes – Delete all user data” option
  7. Once the process is complete you will return to the first menu
  8. Select “Reboot System Now” option to reboot your Lenovo S660.

Usually, with these steps you should successfully reset Android on your Lenovo S660.

Lenovo K900

This guide will teach you how to reset Android on your Lenovo K900 phone. The Lenovo K900 did not have much of an audience during it’s early days, but then it managed to slowly create a nice users group on the market.

lenovo k900

First, a word of caution: As in any Android reset procedure, the phone’s factory settings are restored.

This means that all messages, contacts and apps installed on your Lenovo K900 will be erased in the process.

Therefore, if you sill have access into the Android operating system in your Lenovo K900 , perhaps this is a suitable time to make a backup. If you do not know how, we recommend the G-Cloud app for you.

First method to reset Android on your Lenovo K900

If you still have access into the Android menu on your Lenovo K900 , things become much easier: Just navigate into the applications on your device , then follow these steps :

  1. Go to the area of backup and restore
  2. Select Factory data reset
  3. Finally click ” Clear All “


In order to reset Android and restore to factory settings your Lenovo K900 without access into it’s Android,  we will need to trigger a low level, emergency recovery menu. We can restore the system right from there.

The steps are:

  1. Turn off your phone and wait 10 seconds to continue
  2. Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button and then briefly (some seconds, maybe) press the power button
  3. If you do it right you will see a warning on the screen followed by the Emergency recovery menu
  4. Use the VOLUME buttons to navigate into the “Reset Device” option
  5. Confirm the procedure by pressing the POWER button

When the process completes, the phone will reboot as if just bought, with factory settings in place. You have successfully performed a reset Android on your Lenovo K900